Wire Formed Parts in Wirral

Wire Formed Parts in WirralGordon Products manufactures wire formed parts in Wirral by using the fastest CNC wire bending machinery in the world and the most skilled and efficient staff of workers anywhere. Our uncompromising work ethic and state-of-the-art wire bending machinery enables us to manufacture large productions of forms and wirework. Our production setup is cost effective giving our clients the only production service they want which is fast, accurate and cost effective. We serve the needs of almost every industry including electronics, construction, retail items, displays and much more. Our wire form products range from 1mm to 12mm in diameter for all forms, assemblies and fabrications. We welcome small and medium productions as well as large. We are efficiently setup to handle any size order and reliably meet your deadline.

We know that manufacturers operate on tight time schedules and often tighter budgets. In Wirral, wire formed parts ordered will be delivered on schedule. The success of our business depends on the success of your business and on down the line. Quality products and reliability are two components we all need to succeed. It helps all of us keep costs to a minimum. We work in the wire materials you need be it high tensile, stainless steel, bright steel, copper and bronze. Whatever your product line we deliver to your specifications. Gordon Products has been supplying engineering and industrial wire form products for 50 years. We are big enough to handle any production job yet small enough to maintain a personal touch with our clients.

Bring us your ideas, sketches or designs and we will help you develop wire formed parts in Wirral to fit your purpose for a new product. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We cover the range from initial product development, to small batch runs and on to large-scale production with consistent quality. Powder coating has become a favoured finish but we offer galvanised, electro-polishing and other preferred finishes. Gordon Products brings a long history of experience with wire formed parts and customer satisfaction to your product designs. We have a trusted reputation so you can trust us to fulfil your production orders consistently and reliably at a cost that will help you maintain your profit margin.


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