Wire Forming in Birmingham

Wire Forming in Birmingham For the best job of wire forming in Birmingham, speak with Gordon Products. During our 50 years in business we have manufactured wire forms for every industry from conception to manufacture. We’re good at what we do but all industries need their wire forms at the right price. We’re good at that too. Our operation is large enough to undertake most any size job but we’re small enough to keep our overhead under control and production streamlined and efficient. For our clients that means lower prices and personalised service. We use the latest technology for CNC wire forms from 1 to 14 mm in diameter because it not only produces high quality products, but it’s more efficient.

Wire forms are essential for creating the tension that holds things in place from electrical fixtures to mouse traps. Name the purpose and in Birmingham, wire forming by Gordon Products has manufactured it. Simple to complicated, and everything in between we can manufacture the wire form you need. At Gordon Products our wire forms are worked in stainless steel, bronze and mild steel; anything you want. We manufacture our own line of products primarily for the concrete construction industry. Spiral pigtail screws, lifting hooks, ceiling clips and more. Our sales team will give you all the information on our brand products. We are committed to customer satisfaction in all phases of our service.

Gordon Products is the manufacturer for wire forming in Birmingham with the design and development experience often needed for the development of products in any industry. We have a brilliant design team, CNC programmers and toolmakers that can develop your prototype and move into production quickly. Contact Gordon Products if you are interested in wire forming. . Bring us your sketches, ideas and even completed designs of the part or product you need to suit your purpose. Most industries are highly competitive but our team at Gordon Products knows how to give you the edge you want. We are a hands on kind of developer and manufacturer that takes a personal interest in the success of our clients. Wire forms appear simple but in their simplicity is the strength to fill a complex function.


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