Wire Forming in Cheshire

Wire Forming in CheshireWhen you use a business with an excellent reputation, wire forming in Cheshire can be very economical. If you require a lightweight item, we can use wire from 1 mm to 12 mm to create a useable part.  Using metal sheet is more expensive and the items weigh more.  With the cost of every item in your manufacturing and assembling process under scrutiny we can re-work the metal sheet parts into wire form parts.  This uses less metal and is therefore more cost effective. We can also finish the parts in a number of different ways to suit your needs. There are powder coating and galvanising among many methods and finishes. The wire we use can be bright mild steel wire or stainless steel in any grade as well as some of the more select metal wires.

If you need thousands of small, light items to fit into your manufactured product, then come to us.  In Cheshire, wire forming is one of our specialities.  We will help you design and then test any wire form that will make your manufacturing process easier. Wherever you need to have a clip or an attachment we will make it for you. With wire forming, you only need to get the design right and we can have our CNC machines manufacture as many as you need.

Wire forming in Cheshire is done by our automated machines.  Our highly qualified technicians can get the machines programmed to manufacture the most intricate items from wire. Contact Gordon Products today and whether you have an idea or a sample we will ensure it is expertly made to your unique specifications. We can make items with spring steel for applications that require the unique flexible quality if this metal. We create and manufacture parts for a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, automotive, construction, and engineering companies to name but a few. We will help with the testing and redesign of the parts until you have a sample that is perfect. We can make large or small runs of the items.


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