Wire Forming in London

Wire Forming in London We’re proud to announce that we are offering wire forming in London. At Gordon Products we offer a wide range of wire products, welded frames, fixtures and assemblies, wire formed parts and sheet metal products, for many different industry sectors including healthcare, construction, furniture, insulation, leisure, and other industrial and engineering applications. We have over 52 years of experience within our field, a can do attitude, and a commitment to quality that is second to none. This commitment is reflected in our state of the art machinery, which help us keep production costs low. Coupled with our experienced management team, we are able to ensure the most competitive prices on the market.

For customers who are in London, wire forming is extremely accessible. Whether you have sketches, samples, drawings, or simply an idea of what the final wire will look like, our teams can help you assemble and fabricate the wires you need. In terms of materials, there is a vast array to choose from, including copper, phosphor bronze, 302, 304 and 316 stainless steel, pre-galvanised, high carbon, high tensile spring and mild steel, with finishes ranging from zinc plating to hot-dip galvanising, anodising, plastic, powder and electro-polishing. We also build individual components which can be a part of bigger welded assemblies.

If you need any wire forming in London, contact us today. Some of our most commonly commissioned wire forms include hooks, baskets, fixings, fittings, display stands, coiled parts and clips. If you do not have any custom needs, you can order some of the standard products that we have in stock, products such as spiral pigtail screws for insulation projects, ceiling clips, pipe support brackets and lifting hooks. Whatever your needs may be, we strive to offer you a competitive edge with our products. We can design wire forms based on your sketches or even ideas, and through prototypes and iterative testing, we ensure that you get the most effective final product.


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