Wire Forming Services

Wire Forming ServicesFor all your wire forming services, contact the specialists. Gordon Products has more than half a century’s experience in this field. The core foundation of our business remains customer satisfaction and our “can do” approach to all projects, however big or small. These principles prevail all the way through our organisation, from top management to the shop floor. We’re proud of our reliable, cost-effective service and the meticulous attention to detail which earmarks our workmanship. One of the reasons why we’ve made a name for ourselves is because of our continued investment in the latest technology and techniques. This makes our operations much more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective, with consistent quality being at the forefront.

We support a variety of industries with our services in wire forming. These include the construction, insulation, leisure, furniture, healthcare, medical, marine, industrial and other engineering industries. Our products include wire products, wire formed parts, sheet metal products, welded frames, assemblies and fixtures. Wire forms are finished shaped wire manufactured from wire-spools according to specific configurations. They can take on any form, including springs with custom ends and can be of any size ranging from a safety-pin to a hanging bridge. The agricultural, automotive, aerospace, petroleum, pharma, electrical, HVAC and injection molding applications of wire forms make them a crucial part of many industries. The need for efficient production has to be balanced with application requirements. Using the latest in CNC, air, hydraulic and manual wire forming technologies is essential to produce a wide range of strong, multi-dimensional products.

Materials used in wire forming services may include various grades of steel, steel alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel. At Gordon Products, our wire forming services are used in insulation and pre-cast concrete industries, painting and decoration accessories, lightweight aluminum brackets and fixtures in boat-building, precision components for electronics, fabricated jigs for the automotive coatings industry, infrastructure components for rail and automotive industries and office furniture components. For more information about our wire forming services, contact Gordon Products. Design and creation of such wire forms range from simple to complex processes. We can take your ideas and shape them in to reality, with emphasis on quality and price.


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