Wire Forms, Expertly Manufactured for Your Specific Industry Requirements

wire formsAt Gordon Products, we manufacture wire forms into almost any shape or configuration you could imagine or need. Wire forms may be large or miniscule. Our job is to make our customers’ job easier. We do that by supplying quality exact wire forms to complete a specific component for a specific job. Wire forms are created from a length of wire which has force applied to create a specific shape. We use the latest computerised technology available to form the wire shapes and manufacture them in large quantities at a rapid pace. This enables us to manufacture the forms and sell them to our customers at the lowest possible price. Our customers come from every industry. We can’t think of a single type of industry that does not have need for quantities of wire forms

A wire forms awareness day would be needed for all of us to notice the part wire forms play in our life. For instance, the wire form springs in every battery operated product, the light fixture hangers, the milk bucket handle, emergency room equipment mounts, the bird feeder hanger, clothes hangers and space shuttle engine components.  At Gordon Products we supply the construction industry, particularly in the area of concrete work in addition all other industries. We can tool our machines to create any wire form shape and size according to design. We have designers on staff to help. If you  know what you need the wire form to do but need help designing it we can help a little or design the whole thing.  We work in various metals and can also fabricate components that work together.

Fifty years of experience has taught us at Gordon Products to manage wire forms demands for our customers efficiently. We manufacture dependable quality wire forms in a timely manner to meet your industry needs. Our delivery is dependable and our prices are as low as possible. Contact Gordon Products and let us quote you prices, delivery dates and quantities for wire forms that meet your specifications. We also manufacture a number of commonly requested wire forms under our own brand. They are ready to ship out on short notice. We guarantee your customer satisfaction.


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