Wire Forms in Liverpool

Wire Forms in LiverpoolWire forms in Liverpool are always practical items. They are used to hold things together or to provide an adaption to another part. They are often very small but the items they are used on will not work without them. We pride ourselves in producing a top quality product that is exactly as specified down to the micron. We have a wide variety of different wire materials that we work with. These include bright mild steel, pre-galvanised, and high carbon. We also work with spring wire and various grades of stainless steel. We also have the capability to work with copper and phosphor bronze wire.

When you need a specific object made for you in Liverpool, wire forms can offer any shape you require. We can offer a full range of manufacturing services from product development input through to sample production so that you can evaluate the item and then on to small batch runs before we start the large volume manufacture. The components can be welded into larger assemblies and should you need different types of finishes, we offer a range of finishes to suit your purposes. The finishes we can offer are powder coating, plastic coating, as well as many other types of finishes. We have any number of examples of our wire form products from simple clips to intricately welded wire fabricated assemblies. Our products can be found in almost every imaginable industry sector.

Wire forms in Liverpool are one of our specialties. Contact Gordon Products today and discuss the items you need us to make for you. We have worked closely with a diverse range of industries since 1965. We have supplied a variety of different market sectors including the medical sector and furniture manufacturers. Others are the construction industry and innumerable engineering works. We have dealt with almost all industries in one form or another and there is nothing that our state of the art CNC machines cannot produce. We are only limited by the wire thickness which is between 1mm and 12mm.


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