Wire Forms in Newcastle

Wire Forms in Newcastle When you need wire forms in Newcastle for manufacture of all types of components or parts, contact the specialists. At Gordon Products, we are proud of our half a century of experience in this sector. We have been manufacturing and supplying a variety of CNC wire forms, wire components, wire works and all kinds of wire fabrications and wire assemblies to a range of clients. Our products are available in a range of materials including bright mild steel, pre-galvanised, high tensile, high carbon, spring, 302, 304 and 316 stainless steel, copper, phosphor and bronze. Our products are customised to match your design specifications and requirements. Even a rough sketch that conveys the idea would be enough for our experienced technicians to create the perfect product. We also provide the full range of manufacturing services, from product development and design to sample, small-batch runs and full scale production.

For your business in Newcastle, wire forms manufactured by us follow the latest international technology. Such wire forms are available in many different configurations, materials and sises based on the needs of each individual customer. Simple beams and cantilever designs, coils, springs and rings, flat forms made from strip material, round wire, wire forms made from rectangular material, and tempered wire are some of the varieties that we can supply. Some companies may also provide specialty products made from titanium, nickel, non-ferrous metals, or nickel-coated steel for different purposes. Customers may use these wire forms in a variety of industries. Many of the products in our daily use have wire forms. Small intricate parts in musical instruments, clocks, fences, cages, clocks, hooks, fishing equipment, pins, pegs, rivets and machinery are made from wire forms. Additionally, enormous wire forms are found in suspension bridges.

These wire forms in Newcastle may be further refined, polished, shined or deburred based on where they are used. They may also be covered with rubber or plastic caps to protect them. Powder coating, welding, plating, and galvanising are other ways of finishing the bare wire form. Contact Gordon Products today if you need more information about wire forms. Wire forms are extensively used across many industries ranging from agriculture to electronics, retail and engineering.


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