Wire Forms

Wire FormsWire forms and other wirework are made to your specifications at Gordon Products. We use CNC technology to manufacture all kinds of wire forms, wire components and wirework. Our wire fabrications and wire assemblies are expertly done and offer top quality results. We work with a wide range of materials that allow us to create durable wire forms. These include bright mild steel, pre-galvanised, high carbon, high tensile, spring, 302, 304 and 316 stainless steel, copper and phosphor bronze. Our wire forms can be made in diameters of anything from 1 to 12 millimetres.

When you have an idea involving wire forms, pay us a visit. If you have just the vague beginnings of an exciting project, why not chat to us and let us turn your thoughts into design plans for you. If you have everything already mapped out we can jump right in and create your wire forms. Our services are comprehensive and we will help with as much as you need. We can assist with product development input, sample production, small batch runs and bulk manufacturing. Whether you need the full package or just want your product made swiftly and efficiently, our price will be affordable and agreeable. We start with creating the individual components. The final product is then welded from these parts, and completed in the finish of your choice. Our range of finishes includes powder coating, plastic coating, anodising, electro-polishing, zinc plating and hot-dip galvanising.

What plans do you have that require wire forms? Perhaps you want bespoke wire display stands for your craft business. Maybe you are an engineering student wanting to make a demonstration of your upcoming project, or an engineer who needs unique parts for an innovative new machine. We supply to a large and diverse clientele, including individual and private orders, agricultural, automotive, construction, electronics, engineering, gardening, furniture, industrial, medical and retail businesses. Contact Gordon Products for wire forms that meet all your needs. We guarantee friendly, professional and reliable service with high quality products.


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