Wire Screws, Manufactured Using 1.6mm in Diameter Galvanised Spring Wire

wire screwsAt Gordon Products, wire screws are in high demand by the insulation and fire protection industries.  So while we make wire forms for just about every industry according to our clients’ specifications, we make some high demand wire forms as standard products. Our pigtail wire screws are one example.  Spiral ’Pigtail’ Screws are primarily for securing insulation materials to structural steel. The wire screws get their name from their spiral shape and we manufacture them in standard lengths in increments from 40mm through 180mm. We package the 40mm to 100 mm into packs of 1000. The sizes up from that are 500 to a package. We can also manufacture other sizes on request.

Pigtail wire screws are a completely non-hazardous product when used as intended. Our wire screws are manufactured using 1.6mm in diameter galvanised spring wire. The screws are easily used to affix any insulation material using a Philips screwdriver bit. We have invested in the latest and best CNC wire bending equipment with the capability to manufacture any sized production run volume. Our capabilities extend to all wire components, forms, and wirework whether it’s our standard products or new applications according to your specifications. If you need help with the design, our staff is well equipped and capable specialists supplying wire screws and other wire forms to all industries.

We have been manufacturing wire screws, wire forms and products for over fifty years. We can also supply sheet metal components, fabrications and welded assemblies to every industry including marine, farming, construction and the medical group. The demand is always high but you can count on our team at Gordon Products to meet your requirements and delivery deadline at the lowest possible price. Our long-standing reputation and success is built on personalised customer service. Contact us for wire screws or any of our other standard products. Look to Gordon Products for other wire forms such as coiled parts, fittings, hooks and welded wire fabricated assemblies. You can trust us to find a solution to any new application issues and work with you to solve any problems.


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