Wiring Components in Birkenhead

Wiring Components in BirkenheadGordon Products supplies wiring components in Birkenhead to manufacturers of countless products in every sector from construction to medical and leisure to emergency services. It is the quality of the parts that determines the durability of the whole. That’s why companies continue to depend of Gordon Products and our fifty years of reliable top quality wire component products. Clips, coils, hooks and any fittings or assemblies you require will be supplied in your desired quantity on schedule. Having trouble designing just the right component for your product? Not a problem; bring a drawing or a sample of your product and our designers will produce the solution to solve your problem. Even if you don’t have a clue what would work, we will figure it out although it might take a little longer.

Gordon Products puts great stock in efficiency as a cost saving measure. For that reason, in Birkenhead wiring components are delivered on time at the lowest possible cost. Part of that efficiency is keeping our company size lean and our equipment up to date. We want to retool for quick turnarounds for our customer orders, short runs or long. Gordon Products work in the full range of metals for our wire components. At the customer’s request, we will assemble the wire components and finish with your choice of coating, plating, galvanising or electropolishing. Your design will be followed as specified but if we suspect a slight variation would work just as well and lower your cost we’ll present our idea to you. The final decision is always yours.

Gordon Products are manufacturers of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) wiring components in Birkenhead in 1mm to 12mm diameters. Again efficiency gained using this technology lowers the cost of production. This bending machine is fast and exceptionally accurate at continuously creating your chosen design. Contact Gordon Products to schedule a consultation with us and we’ll prepare a price quote and time estimate free. If you have experienced disappointment with work quality or reliable scheduled delivery we encourage you to contact us. We guarantee your experience will meet your highest expectations. We keep our time and quality commitments so your company can keep yours.


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