Wiring Components in Bolton

Wiring Components in BoltonWiring components in Bolton are a multitude of diverse and specialised items. These are the tiny items that are mostly never seen by the consumer of the completed product but without it the product would be heavier or costlier. Our attention to detail makes us one of the most reputable wire component manufacturers in the UK. We have kept up with the times and as technology improved we invested in very expensive machinery to allow better quality and cheaper costs for our customers. Our customers come from almost all the sectors of industry including industrial, construction, furniture and medical. We work with many different wire materials including bright mild steel through to high tensile and spring steel and a number of different grades of stainless steel. We also work with a number of more specialised wire materials.

When you need a specific product made for your business in Bolton, wiring components are one of the cheapest manufacturing methods available. Wire is far lighter and less expensive than thin sheet steel and the CNC machine works in three dimensions and can therefore produce high quality products at a fraction of the cost. We offer a range of finishes for the wire components depending on the end use of the item. Some of the more popular finishes are the powder coated and plastic coated methods. There is also zinc plating and hot dip galvanising as well as anodising methods available.

Wiring components in Bolton can be designed from a drawing or a sketch. Contact Gordon Products today and see how we can increase your output. Our CNC machines can take wire and turn it into any number of different components which can make your manufacturing process more streamlined and profitable. We have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing components for companies around the UK. Our reputation as a reliable supplier is paramount to us. We pride ourselves in designing and testing the components until they are perfect and can be manufactured by the thousands.


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